Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting to Know the 2011-2012 Maple Leafs (defence)

Whether or not you're a Leafs fan, it's always nice to know a little bit about the players under the helmet. This year's Toronto Maple Leafs include some new faces joining old favourites. If you haven't seen our forwards yet, click here. Let's get to know the defencemen, shall we?

#4 Cody Franson (Nickname pending)
Franson was unhappy with his ice-time in Nashville and was looking forward to being a top-4 defenceman when he was traded here, where he started the season as the 7th D-man. He's obviously not happy with his position, and made sure to let all of us know. Either way, he's better than Lebda.

#51 Jake Gardiner (the Gardiner Expressway) @Jgardiner272
A rookie who hasn't really had time to show us what he's really like. Has potential to be a pretty good player, therefore he's awesome until further notice.

#36 Carl Gunnarsson (Gunnar) @carl_gun
We'll have to see how he bounces back from his sophomore slump last year. Claims to be a Swede but doesn't like ikea.

#8 Mike Komisarek (Komi, Lebda 2.0, Komo) @mkomisarek
Was an awesome player in Montreal, which means we hated him. Sucked in Toronto, which means we hated him. Is possibly getting better, which means we possibly might not hate him. He also has a secret nickname that none of us know.

#24 John-Michael Liles (JML)
Emily thinks he's the cutest Leaf. Hasn't been here long enough for us to have a subjective description of him, so we'll just stick with that.

#3 Dion Phaneuf (Captain Caveman, Phanoof)
Hasn't come back to the level he was at in Calgary just yet, but he's getting there. We got him and Aulie for a bag of pucks (and Ian White), and yes we won that trade by a mile. Is becoming proficient in english after his first couple of seasons were spent communicating through cave paintings and rock banging.

#2 Luke Schenn (Schenner, Our Luke and Saviour)
Luke is wonderful. He is amazing. He is beautiful. You are not to question him. Just remember to shield yourself from his eyes or you'll end up pregnant. Yes guys, even you.

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