Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Again Internet, This Time From Blogger

After giving tumblr a try for a week, we were pleased to discover that we are not, in fact, fangirl enough to be satisfied with posting a bunch of cute pictures of hockey players. We actually like using words, too, so here we are.

So, a little bit about us and about what this blog is going to be:
We are Shelly and Emily, Leafs fans who live in the GTA and firmly believe it is the centre of the universe. We're both 17 years old (but not for much longer!) and in our first year of university, Shelly is at the Univesity of Waterloo for Economics, and Emily is studying Health Science at UOIT. We have a soft spot for the Pens (mostly Shelly) and the Hawks ( mostly Emily) but the Leafs are always number one in our hearts. One of the only things we disagree on is the awesomeness of baseball, which Shelly has yet to see.

This blog is going to be largely composed of our thoughts on hockey (yes, another hockey blog), specifically the Leafs. There may be some posts on baseball if Shelly allows it, or random posts about any other thing that happens to be on our minds.

We're looking forward to actually blogging for real this time. Hope you keep reading!

-Shelly and Emily

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