Saturday, October 15, 2011

Being a Leafs fan

We like the Leafs. If you don't know who the Leafs are, you're probably on the wrong blog.

Why do we like the Leafs? They haven't been very good recently (overall. Can't forget the 2-0 season!) and have missed the playoffs for 6 seasons and counting, the 2nd longest playoff drought in the league (in your face, Florida!). We've been having crappy luck/crappy prospects/crappy players/crappy management since the  lockout, thanks to our crappy ownership. Oh yeah, and tickets cost a fortune, if you're lucky enough to find some.

Being a Leafs fan isn't easy. We get taunted by the rest of the league on a regular basis. Even Nucks fans make fun of us (I don't know why they're so smug, but I don't think they do either). But the fact is, we're awesome. We're the most storied franchise in the league, since the Habs are evil and they don't count.We've got a GM who actually looks like he knows what he's doing, depending on who you ask. At any rate, he's better than JFJ, but that can be said about almost anyone. We've got a coach who's made some questionable moves, but is scary enough that I don't have the courage to question him. Besides, he coached in San Jose, and they're only crappy in the playoffs. We don't have to worry about that for a while. We've got prospects who actually have a chance at being something, though it's too early to tell. We have talented players for a change who, gasp, actually like playing here! We've fixed our goaltending problems with a goalie who may or may not be the Saviour Sent From Above, and a backup who may or may not be healthy enough to have a long-lasting career. Either way, it's an upgrade from the horrors we've been exposed to in the last few years.

We haven't won a Cup since That Fateful Year, but it'll all be worth it the year the blue and white (the real ones, not the stupid Lightning) raises Lord Stanley's chalice. And then it'll be our turn to laugh at the rest of the league, especially those loser Nucks fans. I just hope I'll be alive to see it.

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