Friday, October 21, 2011

Why I Love Phil Kessel

Phil Kessel is my favourite Leaf. I broke my own "Player X had to be a Leaf for one full season before he can be my favourite" rule and made him my favourite after his first game.
Phil Kessel is a point of division for Leafs Nation, which is somewhat unavoidable considering the way in which we acquired him. I'm not going to argue the Kessel trade in this post, though, because to me the Leafs have clearly come out on top (just compare Seguin's goals to Kessel's).
Without further ado: the reasons I love Phil Kessel

1) He is leading the league in goals and points.
2) He is socially awkward.
3) He has more goals than anyone in his draft year
4) He's not on TSN's Top 50 players list (underdog!)
5) He and Bozak are Bert and Ernie
6) He is better than Tyler Seguin
7) He beat cancer
8) He reminds me of a teddy bear
9) This video
10) Because  Phil Kessel is freaking awesome.

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