Monday, December 12, 2011

An Open Letter to Sidney Crosby

Dear Sid,

We've never met, and probably never will. You know nothing about me, yet I know so much about you. Hm, that sounds slightly creepy. Probably not the best way to start a letter.

I'm in the middle of finals and I have an exam tomorrow that I really need to start studying for. But I'm sitting here, writing you a letter (by hand!) because I'm sad and mad and frustrated. You're probably never going to read this, and in the end it doesn't really matter if you do. This is mostly to let me say what I'm feeling. But if you do read this, I'm sorry for the crappy quality. I'm not going to proof-read or make multiple drafts, so be warned: I may ramble. I'll probably end up sending this because of how frustrated I am.

Why am I frustrated? Because someone I care about can't do what he loves to do. That person, obviously, is you. You have tons of money and hundreds of thousands of fans, but none of that matters because your body isn't letting you play hockey. I've never been in your situation and so I'm not going to pretend to know what you're going through. But at the same time, I hope you understand that it hurts for me, as just one person in a sea of fans, to see you go through this. You're certainly not the first player to go through this, and unfortunately not the last. And yet, this particular injury, among a host of others across the league, is getting so much attention because it resonates with so many people. And that's what speaks to the things you've done for the sport of hockey.

What have you done for hockey? You've saved an entire franchise. You've turned a whole bunch of people into Penguins fans, into hockey fans. I have friends who've lived here in Canada their entire lives and never gotten into hockey until you came along. You know that feeling you get when you step on the ice or score a big goal? You gave them that feeling. You united an entire country, for goodness sake. I'll never forget what happened to Canada on February 28, 2010. And for moments like that one, I thank you.

When you were cleared for contact, one of my friends and I wanted to celebrate, so we were going to get a cake. But since you've said that you don't like to eat that stuff often, it didn't feel right. So we settled on cheesecake, since you've said you love it. And since then, we've been celebrating every major accomplishment with cheesecake. We didn't know what kind you like, so we usually stick with chocolate.

I'm probably as impatient as you are to see you back on the ice, but you've got good people around you who won't let you rush back. I'm really proud of the way the Pens are playing with so many injuries, and I look forward to watching a great group of guys carry the torch while you get better.

So I've realised that I actually don't know all that much about you. But from what I do know, or at least think I know, you'll be back with a vengeance. I can't do much except wish you good luck and all the best. Here's to more cheesecake moments.



Anonymous said...

great job :)

gingersnowflake said...

thank you!

PensAreYourDaddy said...

Very well said. I would just add that, along with the reasons you've mentioned, this really hits hard in part because of the type of guy Sid is. Or, at least, the part of him that we in the public get to see. A humble and unselfish person who certainly appears to be very thankful of the opportunity he has had to play this game that he loves so much. We can't wait to see him back on the ice, healthy, smiling and having fun.

gingersnowflake said...

@PAYD good point, and his (perceived) personality makes it suck all the more

Jen said...

Well said...spoken like a true Pens fans..I think we all feel Sid's frustration but want him to be safe and well. I also know that you, like many of Sid's fan celebrated when he returned and celebrate every accomplishment. Get well Sid and know that every Pens fan is praying and hoping the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Did you send this to Sidney? Because it's pretty awesome. And exactly what I've been thinking-that it's so hard to see him have to go through this, because of how much he loves the game, and knowing that as awful as we feel about it, it must be a hundred worse for Sid.

gingersnowflake said...

Thanks Jen!

@Anon thank you! And yes I did. I didn't send it in hopes he'll read it, but I sent it specifically for that reason: to make me feel like I've done something.

M said...

Hi Shelly,

Thank you for putting into words what has been on my mind for over a year now! It is so sad that he has to go through this... I hope he will come back like the lion that he is! :)

I also couldn't agree more on what you said about the Olympics... heck, I sometimes watch replays of the Golden goal when I need some motivation lol... that moment really united the whole country, it was so powerful...!

He's one special guy, that's for sure. Can't wait for him to fully recover!


gingersnowflake said...

Thank you!