Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lockouts hurt

I was looking for an appropriate picture to use as my facebook cover in case of a lockout, but I couldn't find one to accurately reflect the FHDJSKFHS I HATE EVERYTHING-ness I'll feel if/when the league doesn't come up with a new CBA by September 15th. So, I made my own. All these pictures come from the Visa Hockey Love Hurts commercial right here. Each picture is 851x467(ish) pixels, so they'll fit on facebook without weird stretching. And here they are! (Click on the image to start the slideshow, then save it for the full size)


elseldo said...

those are good. also gives me a chance to share this video:

My hockey league made our own version of this commercial for our end of season awards banquet 9wherei was robbed yet again)

elseldo said...

I'm also going to use that top one, thanks

gingersnowflake said...

ahaha that was awesome, loved the Sens bit