Monday, November 12, 2012

The Ginger Snowflake Hall of Fame: 2012 Inductees

The Hockey Hall of Fame kind of honoured four new inductees this weekend. The ceremony was a little bit unusual this year, since as we know the NHL and NHLPA are stupid. But not to worry, the ceremonies for the Ginger Snowflake Hall of Fame will continue as planned. You can see last year's induction here, and this year's below:

Unfortunately we have to begin this post with some disgrace. Back in August 2011, Shelly and I created this.  We ran it on our own for a few months before we were approached by someone (who shall remain unnamed) about making the page official. Of course we jumped all over this, and for a few months we ran the official teamunit page.  Unnamed asked to be made an admin on the page, and we agreed to that as well. Next thing we knew, we had been removed as admins. Screw Unnamed, and by extension, teamunit.

Ty Rattie
Tyler Biggs 2011-2012: 37 GP, 9 G, 8 A for Miami University in the CCHA
Ty Rattie 2011-2012: 69 GP, 57 G, 64 A for the Portland Winterhawks in the WHL
That is all.

Matia Marcantuoni
Coming from my favourite place in the world (Toronto), loving my favourite team in the NHL (the Leafs), playing for my favourite team in the OHL (the Rangers), and getting drafted by my second favourite team in the NHL (the Pens). Marcantuoni is a fast skater, a great puck-handler, and great at getting injured and making me die of worry.

Mats Sundin
When I think of Mats Sundin, the first word that comes to mind is "captain". Traded to the Leafs the year I was born and named captain two years later, Mats wasn't just the face of the Leafs for me: he was the Leafs. He captained the team through good times and bad, and was always someone we could count on for both leadership and two-way play. The first European to be drafted first overall, Olympic gold medalist, and the all-time franchise leader in both goals and points. Mats's career in Toronto might not have enjoyed a storybook ending, but he left a hole in this team and this city that we're still trying to fill even today. That's what got him into the HHOF in his first year of eligibility and that's what makes him the overwhelming favourite of Leafs fans from our generation.

Nick and Jess
Believe it or not, Shelly and I like some things that aren't "hockey" or "baseball." One of those things is Fox's sitcom, New Girl. New Girl's "will they or won't they" not-a-couple consists of Nick, an unmotivated bartender who is some weird mix of what I'm terrified my future will become and what I hope it'll be like, and Jess, who is Zooey Deschanel. Anyway, they're super cute and they should TOTALLY GET TOGETHER YOU GUYS

Gabriel Landeskog
Captain of the Kitchener Rangers, Calder trophy winner with Colorado, and youngest captain in NHL history. What's not to like about this guy?

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