Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reliving NHL 36 (Kane and Bergeron)

Many of you have already heard of NHL 36. It's essentially a shorter version of HBO's 24/7, except it focuses on one player and spans 36 hours. There have been two episodes so far, featuring Chicago's Patrick Kane and Boston's Patrice Bergeron, and the league has announced the next one will star Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom. So for those of us that don't get NBC, and for those of us that want to rewatch the episodes, here are the first two:

I don't really like Kane. Part of that is the fact that I first saw him when he played for the American junior team, or in my eyes was the evilest of all evil people in existence. But it was definitely nice to see him roaming the streets of Chicago with his father (apparently you can be a pro hockey player and roam the streets without people mobbing you, go figure. Unless the camera crew cleared the area, which is pretty lame) and supporting local emergency workers. Definitely an interesting look into the life of a hockey star, one that I don't get to see very often because he plays in the west.

This one had a lot more focus on the linemates and the team than Patrick Kane's episode. Apparently Bergeron was pretty shy around the camera, so I'm assuming the crew had to fill in time somehow. But still, Bergeron's one of the only Bruins I like, so it was annoying having to cringe and shield my eyes whenever any of them cam on-screen. Especially Sequin. Still, it was some nice exposure given to a guy who I think is underrated, or at least underpromoted.

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