Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome back, Sid

Name: Sidney Patrick Crosby
Nickname: Sid, Sid the Kid, the Wizard of Croz, Darryl
Birthday: August 7, 1987 in Halifax, Canada

Sidney Crosby is my favourite person in the whole entire NHL. Not only is he talented, but it's his work ethic and his constant drive to do better and make everyone else do better that make me love him.

Hockey without Sid is really different. I still watched Pens games and cheered for Geno, Flower, and the rest of the guys, but it's just not the same. They were winning games, but there was no 87 streaking down the ice with the puck, and I missed that.

Sid coming back makes me a little worried and extremely happy. Worried because I will cringe every time he gets hit, just because that's what I do. Happy because he's, well, back. Some people think he's been dragging the recovery process on for too long, but now that he's back we know he's at his signature 187%, and that should help ease the previously mentioned worry.

Crosby's won the Stanley Cup and the Olympic gold medal. It's difficult to say which one's a bigger victory, as Sid himself has said, so it's suffice to say they're both pretty amazing. There are too many memorable Sid moments to count: the Golden Goal; hoisting the Cup; winning the '08 Winter Classic; and countless other goals, assists, and stopped shots. The youngest captain in NHL history, the youngest captain to ever win a Stanley Cup, the ambassador of hockey, and my favourite player. So from the two of us here at Ginger Snowflake, welcome back Sid.

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