Sunday, November 20, 2011

The NHL: Then and Now

Sidney Crosby returns to NHL action for the first time since January 5 of this year. Needless to say, we're both really happy (one overwhelmingly more than the other). It's been a while since Sid has played an NHL game and with all the concussion treatments, it's unlikely that he's heard what's going on in the league since he's been out. So we've compiled a helpful list for his use:

David Steckel
Then: Plays on a horrible team. Is evil.
Now: Plays on an awesome team. Is evil.

Brendan Shanahan
Then: Ex-NHLer. Hey, whatever happened to that guy?
Now: Ex-NHLer. Now rules the league.

Phil Kessel 
Then: Phil Kessel is awesome
Now: Phil Kessel is awesomest

Then: Winni-what?
Now: oh... hey Atlanta!

Roberto Luongo
Then: omg, Luuuu!
Now: It is now acceptable to laugh while calling Roberto Luongo a "good goalie"

Toronto Maple Leafs
Then: awesome team but, uh, crappy.

Max Talbot
Then: the very definition of awesomeness.
Now: the very definition of jerk-iness.


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Anonymous said...

luongo was one game away from winning the stanley cup, he got two shutouts in the finals

Not the best but you can't say he's a horrible goalie

gingersnowflake said...

yes, but now he sucks :)