Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ginger Snowflake Hall of Fame: 2011 Inductees

The Hockey Hall of Fame recently held a ceremony to induct its newest members, all players who exemplified awesomeness. So we thought, why not start a Ginger Snowflake Hall of Fame? And voila, here are the 2011 inductees for the GSHOF (they're not all hockey players)!

Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel is my favourite hockey playing  human being in the world. He is awkward and adorable and infinitely better than Tyler Seguin. Oh, did I mention he's leading the league in goals and points? Yeah. I love Phil Kessel.

Sidney Crosby
He's already in the GSHOF but we decided to induct him again just because 2011 was such an awesome year. With the longest point streak since the lockout, Sid was on pace to end the season with a crazy 132 points. While he probably wouldn't be able to sustain his point production for the rest of the season, there's no way to tell because David Steckel is a loser (Emily: no he's not). 

Jeff Skinner
Last year's Calder winner is amazing to watch. He's also a pretty talented skater. He almost makes the Canes a team I can cheer for. But screw you, Eric Staal. I will always hate you. (Shelly: Eric Staal is awesome)
Ahem...the only player that it's acceptable to fangirl over at any time:

James Reimer
Reim is a wonderful person and the sole reason we didn't want to kill ourselves after last season. Even if he sucks forever and ever from now on, we will still love him for that.
But please, Reim, PLEASE GET BETTER.

Seamus Dever
Seamus is awesome. He plays Detective Ryan on ABC's crime drama Castle. The character is adorable, his bromance with Det. Esposito is adorable, and he's just awesome in general. The entire show is pretty epic actually, especially Nathan Fillion. But Seamus is our favourite.

#Teamunit is the Leafs and Blue Jays, mostly on twitter. Led by JP Arencibia, Brett Lawrie, Colby Armstrong, and Tyler Bozak, #teamunit is the combination of two of the things I love the most: Leafs and Blue Jays. Seeing these teams display some friendship and character has been pretty great, even if it sends us into fits of fangirling.

5.4 seconds. Team Canada. Gold. EBERLE's been awesome for a while, but this year we both started writing his name in caps lock. He is awesome and the reason why we don't hate Edmonton. That silver really sucked. 

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