Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Beginner's Guide to Being a Female Hockey Fan

Disclaimer: in this post, "fan" is used to describe someone who actually cares about the sport. Puckbunnies can go here

It's no secret this sport is dominated by men. In fact, many people are drawn to hockey for its image, which suggests toothless, violent, bloody, macho manliness. In the midst of testosterone-filled bars, living rooms, and hockey rinks are the few, the proud, the female hockey fans.

It can be hard to be a legitimate hockey fan when you're a girl, it only for how hard it is to be taken seriously at times. So, we here at Ginger Snowflake decided to compile a Beginner's Guide to Being a Female Hockey Fan.

1. "puckbunny"
puck bunny: a young female hockey fan, especially one motivated more by a desire to meet the players than by an interest in hockey. (it's in the dictionary)
This term is usually looked upon as insulting by the self-respecting female hockey fan. Some want it completely removed from our vocabulary, while others (like me) use it to describe actual people we've seen that fit that definition. Either way, don't be one.

2. Team
If you cheer for a team that happens to have a young star(s), you will be accused of being a puckbunny, eg. Pens, Hawks, Oilers, etc. On the other hand, if you refuse to cheer for a team like that, you'll end up a Red Wings fan. Choose wisely. I recommend these guys:

3. Jerseys
Apparently the NHL does sell legitimate women's jerseys. Get these instead of the pink things. However most NHL jerseys still come in men's sizes. They're uncomfortable and look really awkward, but they do the job. Just remember that men's sizes are a lot bigger than women's sizes (*stares at giant Crosby jersey*). Just don't get the pink ones.

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Chris Hugh said...

What, only 3 rules? I want to read more.